Aside from theĀ more job focusedĀ support you would expect from a charity such as Toucan we are able to offer our service users the opportunity to take part in projects that we run alongside our main services.

These projects are run in order to give our service users the opportunities to gain experience and training in areas of their lives where they typically would not get the chance to. Many people, for a variety of reasons, may never have been in a position where they were aiming on gaining employment, and they would never have had the opportunities to learn the related everyday skills so many readily take for granted.

These projects allow us to offer our service users the chance to learn those skills, such as fully supported work experience in preparation for the world of work. They also provide opportunities to improve confidence, time management, the chance to get used to job routines that would come with finding a job, learn to build on social skills, experience working in a team and working independently if possible. They are then able to add these experiences on to their CV for potential future employers to see that they have put in the effort previous to applying for work.

We have a great track record of funding for side projects to run simultaneously with the rest of our service, our current projects include: