• Fitness and Healthy Eating Projects

    Healthy Lifestyle

    So what does this have to do with employment? The answer is simple. People who live a well rounded, fulfilling, active and healthy life are less likely to get ill or have health problems and more likely to be happy, productive and committed to work. We strongly believe that our service users will have the best long term outcomes if all areas of their lives are taken into account, so areas we can get involved in we are happy to.





    Projects that teach and educate people on the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle can deliver many benefits. They help to teach people the important short and long term health benefits of living healthily, for example cooking and hygiene skills, and how to do this within their means, proving to work out cheaper than living off fast food day in and day out. It also gives people the chance to form new friendships and to be put in touch with community groups to build on their social networks as well as their social skills.

    We recently ran a short term aerobics class at the Bellenden Old School which was a great success. We will be to looking to fund other projects like this in the future.