For employers

This certainly sound a great idea and wonderful for community but what’s in it for our business?

There are a number of benefits from a business perspective.
Our clients generally have lower rates of absenteeism, and are more likely to stay with the same employer for longer.
Employers we work with have reported that having our clients in a workplace makes it a more pleasant and productive work environment.

Will you support me once the new staff member is in place and how?

Working collaboratively with you and the client, we would work how long we would need to support them in the workplace. Many clients will only need “light-touch support” from us, but some clients will need ongoing regular support.
Our support takes the following form: – we work with the client to teach them how to do the job, but not by doing the job ourselves, by demonstrating and reinforcing how the duties are performed. At the same time, we work with the employers to teach you how to best support our clients – i.e. what language works or doesn’t work with autistic clients. We can also produce instruction manuals for the roles to support the clients.

We always remain in touch with clients and employers once we have withdrawn the intensive support, and can return to offer support if something changes at work, or if there are outside issues impacting on the client at work.

We have new managers starting and we want to make sure our new Toucan employee continues to be supported, despite the change in faces. Any advice?

Once again, we would be happy to come in and work with the new managers to support them on how to best support our clients in the workplaces, and achieve the outcomes that everyone wants.

Would this cost us anything?

There is no cost attached to any of work – it is all met by our funders.