For individuals seeking jobs and vocational support

I haven’t had a job since leaving college, can you help?

Yes, we can. We have work successfully with clients who have never worked or haven’t worked for a number of years. We will look at what job you would be interested in, and see what we need to do together to get you into that job.

Do I need to live in a certain part of London to be eligible for your support?

At present, we only have funding to work with clients from Southwark, Lambeth, and Lewisham, as well as volunteering and training opportunities at our allotment plot in Wembley (Brent).

This does change over time, so contact us and we can tell you if this changes, or suggest other people who might be good for you to work with.

What sort of jobs do you find people?

We find people the jobs they want to do. As we work together, we work out what you would be interested in, what your skills are, and what support you would need. Then we start looking for the right job for you.

We have clients who work in catering, hospitality, cleaning, gardening, admin, and retail.

I’m worried about losing my benefits – can I still work?

We always look at clients’ benefit situation, as part of our work. Before anyone starts a job, we undertake a “Better-off calculation” to make sure you are financially better off in work. Often part-time work might work better for clients. However, we have plenty of clients who work full-time and we support them to access any additional funding/benefits they are entitled to (Working Tax Credits/Child Tax Credits).

We also work closely with the Job Centre to understand the work you are doing, and that it is supported employment, to ensure benefits issues don’t happen.

I’ve had problems at work in the past, how do I know this wouldn’t happen again?

We work closely with employers to ensure clients are properly supported in workplaces, and remain in contact with employers, clients, and their parents/carers to make sure this is the case.

We often place clients with smaller employers, and this means we can know most of the staff in the workplace, which makes this all easier as well. I haven’t had a job since leaving college, can you help?